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So far Windows7 has been treating me fine. But I need to connect to a VPN system that isn’t compatible with Windows7 64-bit yet. So it was suggested that I try the XP Virtual PC. Good idea, I thought and free from Microsoft, so I’ll give it a try.

To start things off, you have to answer the questions about platform and OS, etc.. Then you get a download page with three buttons and you need to download all 3 pieces – clumsy, and one of the pieces is 500 Meg. Hmm… strange, but I’ll give it a little more leeway. So clicking on the first thing to download tells me it is going to check for Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). Whatever, I thought. So the web page overlay fails and it dumps me to a secondary web page where it says it will check. That page fails too with a cryptic error message saying a system error was encountered. I then found a page where I was able to ask Microsoft to check my system to make sure WGA could run and it passed all the checks. So at this point, the WGA check is failing on my new Dell laptop that came with Win7.

But I haven’t even gotten to the stupidest part yet. So I decided that I would need support and therefore I clicked on the WGA e-mail support link. This is the reply I got from Microsoft:
From: Microsot Care Team [genuine@one.microsoft.upgrade.com]
Thank you for contacting Microsoft Genuine Advantage.
Sounds like more of a technical issue please contact the Genuine Advantage for diagnosis and they will then be able to get you over to technical support if needed.
Genuine Advantage 1-866-530-6599 24/7
Jordan Microsoft Online Support

Not only is the message useless and cryptic but did you catch the “From”? Microsoft is spelled wrong. The name of the corporation itself. How sad is that?

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