Best Bruins game of the season

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The Bruins game last night was the best of the season. And I don’t just mean because the game was exciting to watch, which it was. But the effort put in by the Bruins was top notch and they had good puck movement. Passes that ordinarily would have been sloppy and miss their targets connected solidly. Sobotka was the star of the game, IMO – not quite a Gordie Howe hat trick, but close. His little plays like knowing to drop to the trailing player instead of going for the obvious cross-ice pass are what made the game a success. Even Wideman had a good game and I’ve been critical of him recently. Lucic seemed like the only one who was not playing to potential; he coughed up the puck in his own end due to sloppy puck handling and he was overly emotional; granted, Looch is known for the emotion but sometimes he knows how to turn the passion to smart hits and other times, like last night, he looks like a goon looking for a fight.

Here’s hoping that the Bruins can bring that energy level to Game 4 of this series. For the low-scoring Bruins to beat the Ryan Miller backed Sabres, they are going to need this kind of passion to get through the series.

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  1. Ken says:

    Last night’s game was even more exciting. The Bruins played 3 good periods again – the difference was that they were not the first 3 periods! They were lame in the 1st and 2nd looking like their old selves again. But they came back in the 3rd to tie it and then went on to a thrilling 4th and 5th period when the Bruins won!

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