Trump & the JFK Papers

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Not being a conspiracy theorist, I had not marked the date on my calendar.  But when I heard that JFK Papers were due to be released, I thought it sounded like about time to make all known facts about it public.  Now, as some of the JFK assassination documents are withheld a couple of thoughts occur to me.  Most interesting to me is that all of these years later, somebody has identified something that is still not appropriate to be released?  Perhaps it is because whatever that thing is would largely change the collective understanding of what happened?  In other words, the only stuff that is interesting is the stuff that has not been released?

Or perhaps it is because some of the information would tell the world something about our security apparatus that we don’t want the world to know.  And while I understand that we want to keep our intelligence gathering methods secret, it would seem to me that whatever was unearthed in the 1960s would have to be irrelevant to today, right?  If not, the implication is that we are still doing something somewhat similar to what we did 50 years ago?  Surely our nation’s security is not dependent upon 50 year old security measures.

And the issue of revealing our nation’s secrets about intelligence gathering is especially interesting considering that the man making the ultimate decision, theoretically, is Trump – the same guy who told the Russians information that leaked Israeli sources.  And that got me wondering, does Trump know what he is withholding?  If he was made privy to the content, one would think that Oliver Stone is trying to arrange a meeting between Kislyak and Trump.  And surely the people who want to keep this information secret are smart enough to not want President Blabbermouth to know the contents.

So, it’s more likely Trump does not know what is being withheld.  Which means that he is trusting the intelligence community even without digging in to the details?  Why would he do that now when he hasn’t trusted them before?

I’m still not a conspiracy theorist but I have to confess that there’s a lot of weirdness here.

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