I’d kept the old Hacintosh going for a while but I still wanted to be able to use iCloud on it.  So I had found a way to get the Address Book app to forcibly connect to the iCloud server.  Now on the new Hacintosh, I didn’t need that any more and the normal iCloud behavior works well with the new Contacts app.  Except because I did a user transfer, and because the transfer process is so thorough, it picked up the old server and faithfully moved it to the new computer.  So for a while, I’ve had two iCloud accounts visible where one of them fails to work; it’s been confusing and annoying.  But I couldn’t remember how I had gone about adding the iCloud account and therefore what I would need to do to remove it.

Today I finally got around to finding the instructions I had followed to set up that link in the first place.  Ah-ha, so there’s a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources that corresponds to each source.  Inside each of the folders in this directory is a Configuration.plist file and only one of those files showed evidence of the hack from before.  The second to last key in the file is username and the string value that follows showed the %40icloud.com:password string that I had input to get it working.  Therefore, the easy way to clean out that whole source is to simply move the directory that contains the old hacked Configuration.plist to somewhere temporary, like the desktop.  Once I was able to confirm that the Contacts app comes up with the right info and no longer includes the dead hack, I could delete that folder from the temporary location.

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