Audio Improvement for Klipsch on Mac

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Last year I replaced the two sets of speakers I used on my desktop.  I had two ancient speaker systems – one for the docked laptop and the other for the Hacintosh.  The one new set of speakers is the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system and I have them hooked in through a TinyMix so 4 computers can output to the one set of speakers.

While the functional side of things was working well, I wasn’t hearing the sound I thought I should.  In particular, the Mac sound output sounded weak and I felt like my new Klipsch speakers should sound better.  I searched for ways to improve the sound quality.

My first attempt was SoundFlower but I really didn’t like it.  The setup was strange, the result was difficult to use, and I’m not sure that was ever able to make the sound sound like I wanted.

The next thing I tried was Boom and that was an instant success.  Super easy to set up and an obvious improvement.  It’s not perfect.  Every once in a while it seems like the audio breaks up or halts while Boom is failing.  Fortunately, it resets itself within a few seconds so the loss is really minor.  Changes can be a little challenging to make because there’s a sort of fade-in delay to the changes.  So you can’t quite here A/B as easily as you’d like.  But once you get used to playing with presets and saving the ones you like, you can get a pretty good EQ setup that works well for your speakers.  And indeed, the Klipsch now sound awesome.  Better than I could have hoped for from desktop computer speakers.  And the EQ is nearly flat – just a tick lower for the low half tapering up to flat around the midrange, then dropping a few more ticks lower for the upper midrange eventually crossing to a few ticks higher at the topmost adjuster.

With the Mac sounding so good now, the Windows laptop sounds a little lame.  Fortunately, I don’t play much music through the Windows computer.  If I do find myself longing for better sound from the laptop, though, I’ll give Equalizer APO a try.

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