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I started with Yahoo hosting long ago – 12 years ago, I think.  And every year since I’ve thought about switching hosting providers when I get the annual notice of renewal.  Last year I started the effort by signing up with a new hosting vendor with a temporary domain as a placeholder and planned to transition over the summer.  It didn’t happen.  So this year when I got the notification of renewal from Yahoo, I realized a whole year had gone by without switching and I wanted to get it done before I got billed.  So I started the transfer process… and it turned out it takes a long time for it to get through.  The first time it failed because my domain registration was still private.  The second time it worked but even that wasn’t speedy.  All told, it took about 2 weeks for the transfer to go through.  I thought it would take about 2 hours.  That was not fast enough to beat the billing charge so I am going to need to see about having that reversed or maybe I can “return” the unused portion?

Now here in the new home at Arvixe, things are already looking better.  Web site response is speedy and tech support is easy to contact and helpful.  And as you can see, the blog has transferred from the old location to new, seemingly intact.

Also, I should note, I had a problem with Yahoo’s e-mail services during the summer when some messages were being delayed for as long as a day or more.  But if the sender resent the missing message, it could get right through.  So I started using my temporary domain’s e-mail account and messages there got right through.  Also, that is an IMAP server which beats Yahoo’s silly POP server.  So e-mail is going to be easier to deal with now too.

Now, it’s back to business as usual.  And hopefully, with this new hosting provider, business will be usual and I probably won’t even think about them – which is the way it should be with a hosting provider.

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