Wisdom of the Ancients

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  1. […] Some more digging turned up a tool named NVCAP Maker.  (Also downloadable from OSx86.net.)  Using that tool, I could theoretically build the NVCAP string that was needed by the GFX Strings tool.  Except NVCAP Maker needed a ROM.  Apparently, a common way to get a ROM is to boot into DOS and use NVFlash to extract the ROM from the video card.  Fortunately, I didn’t need to go down that path because there’s a handy site that contains the ROMs from most current video cards.  And even better is that they had my card listed exactly as the box (yes, I kept the box) lists it.  The page for my card has a picture which is not correct but the specs were right so I gave it a shot.  I ran NVCAP on the ROM I downloaded and it came right up with a crazy looking string:  “0400000000000300080000000000000700000000″.  Whatever.  I just copied and pasted it into GFX Strings and voila, there was my EFI string.  So I pasted the EFI string into the com.apple.boot.plist file and…  a crash on bootup.  Crap.  I tried this a few times and each time, the only way to make the change was to boot in single-user mode, restore the working com.apple.boot.plist file, then reboot normally and try the change.  Really tedious and very frustrating.  Eventually, I tried using one of the stock NVCAP selections in GFX Strings and was surprised to see on the output window that the string looked totally different:  “BAAAAAAAAwAEAAAAAAAABwAAAAA”.  Other than the “w”s, I suppose it could be hex, but it doesn’t look like it.  And the number of characters is totally different.  What gives?  I found a number of people similarly confused including this post at InsanelyMac where the question was asked directly and there were no answers.  (Reminds me of the comic “Wisdom of the Ancients”.) […]

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