Castro Is Dead; Let It Go

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So Ariel Castro is dead (CNN).  No not Fidel, but that wouldn’t be all bad.  No, this Castro is the freak who kept women as property.  Apparently he killed himself in prison.  I heard that report and shrugged.  I figured probably the best for everyone.

But now there’s controversy about whether Ohio prison authorities erred in not having him on suicide watch.  Authorities claim they didn’t think he was suicidal but critics say that they should have known and should have protected him.  No, that would be silly.  This freak confessed to his crime and was convicted of it.  He will never get out of prison with a life sentence +1000 years for good measure.   So his choice was to live out his days in prison and live off taxpayer money for all that time or shorten everyone’s pain by ending his own life.  Sounds like he chose well and thank goodness the prison authorities didn’t have him on suicide watch.

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