As if working for Fox “News” wasn’t reason enough to want Scott Brown to permanently shut up, now he’s talking about the problem with the national political scene.  According to Brown, on a WBZ Radio interview last night where he announced that he will not be running for governor, we’ll have 8 years of Obama being divisive.  That includes, according to Brown, not only pitting Democrats against Republicans but even pitting blacks vs. whites.  Yes, that’s right.  President Obama, who is part black and part white and who brought a person of color to the White House for the first time is somehow causing racial division in this country.  The only reason I can come up with for Brown to say something like that is either Fox “News” has completed his sanity-ectomy or Brown is looking forward to continuing to reach national audiences by saying outrageous things.  While this blog is hardly read by anyone other than me (hi Ken!), doing what I’m doing is what Brown wants.  He wants national attention to bolster his own brand and he has learned well at Fox that saying outrageous things gets airplay. (Damn me for falling for his trap!)

Brown is still an airhead.  But the part of his head that is full of air is the part that makes policy decisions, not the part that makes personal promotion decisions – that part is going strong.  The last airhead that got elected as President was Bush 43 and of course, he had a Republican machine put him on the horse he rode into office.  Brown will have no such machine helping him into the White Hosue.

Oh, and as far as pitting Democrats vs. Republicans, Bush 43 started it.  Well, it started before him, but while he was in office, the Republicans perfected the ability to be the ones ostensibly leading the way and coloring any Democrat dissension as anti-progress.  And now, even with a Democrat as president and Congress now divided in majority control, Republicans including Brown manage to make it seem like they are leading the way and Democrats are in the way.  I don’t know how they manage to color the public perception, but that is the chief failure of the current elected Democrats, including Obama – not that they can’t pass things or that things that are passed are wrong but that the perception of what is happening is wrong.  And they now have has less than 3 years to fix that.

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