Hyperloop Unveiled

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Elon Musk is applying his smarts now to transportation infrastructure – a topic sorely in need of some brilliance and out-of-the-box thinking.  And it is hard to argue with his basic premise that his suggestion, something he calls Hyperloop, would be orders of magnitude cheaper than the currently planned rail link between LA and San Francisco.  But is it logistically practical and are the technical conclusions his team has reached realistic?  I don’t have an answer – that’s what I want to know!!

See the full description at Spacex.com.

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  1. BikingBrian says:

    The concept seems technically sound, but his cost numbers are garbage. You need to at least have a demonstration size system built in order to gain some experience with the constructability issues.

    I also believe he’s out of touch with the target market. Commuters, really? Even if the journey is only 30 minutes, there’s the travel time to/from the stations, as well as the TSA delays. That’s well outside what most people consider to be commutable distance. And on the other end, something big enough to take cars? The draw of such a system is would be that you don’t need to take a car!

    A hazard which I don’t think he described would be a truck on I-5 crashing into the tube – whether intentional or unintentional.

    All that said, I’d rather take the money dedicated towards building HSR and spend it towards research of this type of transportation.

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