Arthur meets Queensryche?

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The kids were watching Arthur last night.  Arthur is an animated aardvark on PBS.  The show is pretty blah for an adult (unlike some other kids shows that I actually enjoy watching, but that’s another post!) so I wasn’t paying close attention to the show.  I wasn’t that is, until Buster visited somebody in the hospital and in the background, you could hear the hospital paging “Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair; Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J Hamilton”.  I needed to replay that to be sure I heard correctly.  What?  Yep, that’s right, same paging audio as in the Queensryche intro track on Operation: Mindcrime.  I even immediately switched over the MythTV from Arthur to play the Queensryche track to confirm it and I was right!  Arthur is definitely newer so maybe the people who make the show stole the audio clip from Queensryche?  Or maybe there is some sort of clip library out there for recording professionals and both Queensryche and the Arthur creators happened to choose the same clip for background audio?  Weird.

Here are the clips and the time that you can jump the pointer to so you can hear the same audio.

18 seconds in:

10 minutes and 53 seconds in:

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  1. Ken says:

    I just found this article saying that it is from a sound effects disc:

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