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No, definitely not as good as the original Hoodwinked, which was a quirky surprise. The sequel didn’t have quite the same heart as the original. But it would be really hard to make a sequel that did have the same heart as the original without it feeling like exactly the same movie. It’s hard to believe but I think another loss from the original to the sequel was losing Anne Hathaway as Red – Hayden Panettiere just didn’t seem to impart the same warmth into the character. Patrick Warburton was still hilarious as the Wolf and his lines were as funny as the first. And Twitchy the squirrel was still hilarious too, though there was one scene where Twitchy actually sounded a little normal and that seemed wrong. (If you haven’t watched the original Hoodwinked, do so now and you’ll see what I mean about Twitchy sounding normal being wrong.) And then, Kirk, the woodsman was a complex guy in the first film but in this second one, he’s now just a punchline.

The first movie actually had a soundtrack because there were so many good songs but the second one just had the normal movie background music. As far as the animation goes, I think it was a little better and a little smoother. It was also much more complicated since the “sets” were really detailed city-scapes. The animation may not be as good as a Pixar, but that’s okay – it doesn’t always need to be.

Overall, I’d say Hoodwinked Too! was more for the adult crowd than the children with characters like the way Moss The Troll talked and lines like Boingo talking about “Clarice” in a Silence Of The Lambs kind of way. But at the same time, the plot was more of a children’s plot so I think the movie made the mistake of providing only limited appeal to both audiences. Or put more simply, it just wasn’t as good as the first.

Rating: 3 (out of 10)

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