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I guess it isn’t so much a quote as it is a 3 minute video, but i is brilliant and worth the click, I assure you. I think this is the best segment of the whole series so far. It is from Season 1, episode 3.

And what’s really tragic is the clip ends before some of the best lines. I don’t know why GSN ended it there other than to make you watch the whole series. But what happens next is the kid, Cooper, starts humming the theme song to the movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. How does a kid know a theme song to a classic Eastwood movie? So well that he can hum it when he’s dragged on stage? Then, picking up on that cue, Jeff and Ryan decide to fight their rival truck company. Ryan starts by punching someone while Cooper makes the fistfight sound effects including literally, in his words, “internal bleeding”, “doctor bills”, and “$1000 of damage”. Jeff says “how much” damage and Ryan answers “Maybe a grand, I dunno”. And as the clip ends, Jeff worries “we’re going to get in trouble” and the woman makes a siren noise that sounds more European than American and Jeff finishes his sentence “in England”. Brilliant, just brilliant.

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