The Boehner Downgrade

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Since it is being talked up as the Obama Downgrade by one side and the Tea Party Downgrade by the other, I thought I ought to chime in with a name that reflects where the blame where it belongs: John Boehner.

Seriously. This is the guy that was all for the brinkmanship. This is the guy that says he got 98% of what he wanted out of the deal and therefore considers it a win. This is the guy who didn’t want to raise revenues through ending Bush’s tax cuts on the largest corporations and wealthiest individuals because he called them “job creators” (even though they are more likely to layoff than to hire in this economy).

I understand how people could see different sides of economic theory. It is obvious that the best way to get people hired is to create jobs but it is far less obvious how to go about creating those jobs. I know some people think that encouraging small businesses with tax breaks will result in jobs being created and I can see the sense in that. I can also see the sense in the converse that a progressive tax is the only true fair tax and monkeying with it temporarily only results temporary improvement for those directly impacted by the cuts. I’m sure there’s some truth to both and that the best solution is probably one of compromise somewhere in the middle.

But the beneficiaries of Boehner’s non-expiring tax cuts are definitely not the small businesses. I know of no small businesses that have corporate jets that need to fly them for free. (In my view, if the business owns a corporate jet, it is no longer a small business and is now a corporation!) And therefore, Boehner is being truly disingenuous when he claims that his 98% of what he wanted was anything but helping out large corporations. There cannot be any way that he truly believes that he’s helping out the middle class when he does things like this and to say so is utterly fraudulent.

Adam Serwer at the Washington Post has a good article on this subject.

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