The Bruins! Stanley Cup! Game 7!

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Puck drop is less than an hour away for the Game 7 Stanley Cup run for the Bruins. Amazing. I knew the Bruins were doing well at the beginning of the season but they fell of in the second half and I wasn’t sure they were going to do much in the playoffs. And yet here we are. Damn, this is exciting.

Again, I gotta guess with my heart and say the Bruins by 2 goals. But like I wrote about Game 6, the Bruins play an emotional game and there’s a lot of potential swing. I think we need an early goal. Preferably within the first 10 minutes and before Vancouver scores at all. Oh, and if it happens to be a shorty by Marchand that hits the water bottle, all the better!!

At this point, live blogging seems like a fun idea. I may bail on it if the game turns depressing. Or if things go really well and I’m too jacked to type. Go Bruins!!

I like Horton squirting the Boston water on the ice in front of the Boston bench.

Why do the Canadians always rush through the USA national anthem? Okay, I know it isn’t theirs but geez, a little respect, huh?

I have always wondered about the Cup and the names engraved on it. I have always figured that if they really did keep engraving all the names, surely they would need to add more space. And that would make the cup get bigger and bigger such that the classic move with it over the head would be more and more difficult. Turns out that they had filled up the cup a few years ago and they removed the top “band” and that is retired in the hall of fame and a blank band was added at the bottom. Cool, that answers my question and it is a sustainable plan.

It was in the paint! That was close.

Yay! Not a shorty, not Marchand, and 5 minutes more than my 10 minute preference, but it’ll do!

There’s Marchand’s goal! Woo hoo!

And there’s the shorty! I’m having fun! Hope you are too.

Ever wonder about the guy with all the hair that spends an inordinate amount of time polishing the cup as though it were Aladdin’s lamp? Read about Phil Pritchard here and here.

And now Marchand gets an EN too. A rookie with two in a Game 7 Cup final. How much better can it get for that kid.

They’ve won the Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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