Bruins-Canucks Game 6

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The game is an hour away and I’m getting nervous. Yes, the Bruins have faced elimination already in the playoffs, but something about getting to where they are and playing as well as they did in the games that they lost, I’m more invested in the win than I would be normally.

Who’s going to win? Well, the statistics would indicate that Boston will win because of how well they’ve done on home ice in the series (and the playoffs as a whole) so far. On the other hand, Boston seems to be a team that plays more by emotion than by the numbers and if I’m them, I feeling like the odds are against two wins, including one in Vancouver – that may be hard to get out of their heads. On the other hand, maybe it’s more about the emotion that they win or they watch somebody else hoist the cup tonight.

So, from where I sit right now, I’m going to have to guess with my heart and say the Bruins will win tonight. But not by much. Writing this didn’t do my nerves any favors.

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  1. Ken says:

    Four minutes and 14 seconds yields 4 goals. Guess I didn’t need to worry that much. But I still think that if the first goal had gone another way, things could have been very different. Again, a lot of play driven by the swing of emotion. And therefore, 5′ 9″ Marchand’s goal was huge. It was also pretty – I love the water-bottle goals!

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