Movie: Limitless

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Limitless turned out to be more fun than I had expected. I did have a little difficulty believing that Bradley Cooper was a burnout writer-wannabe at first but I did eventually buy in. Only just in time before the character begins his metamorphosis into the super intellect made possible by the magic pills. I know it seems silly, but I bought this too. And as the movie goes on, realizing that Cooper’s character isn’t the only one on the superpill – that some of the other geniuses in the world can be explained with superpills – gives an interesting subcontext to the story.

The part I had a hard time buying, though, was when Cooper’s character makes the shift from writer-wannabe to financial wizard. I understand that his mind could handle it but I didn’t buy that he would just meet new friends and that the new friends would take him off to exotic places because he was suddenly fascinating. I would have liked to have seen some other story help the character get from writing a book to being a financial wizard.

After that, the movie is a bit of an action movie with some mystery too. Where are the pills coming from? Who else wants them? How does Cooper’s character shed the skeevy loan shark that helped him get where he is? How can he keep Robert DeNiro’s businessman character happy while at the same time running out of pills and experiencing nasty side effects? And is he actually involved in a murder? Good stuff!

Oh, and the ending is great. I don’t want to give away too much, but I do like that things are left ambiguous. Brilliant.

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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