GM’s market cap below Bed Bath Beyond

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The headline says it all. GM’s market cap is now less than Bed Bath & Beyond (Forbes). The mighty General is now worth less than a chain of retail store that sells sheets. GM is responding by planning layoffs. But fundamentally, what GM needs, and has needed for about 40 years, is some quality product. A couple of winners have snuck out of the GM fold in the past few years but by and large, they keep making the same crap they always have and the American public knows that buying GM is no longer the only way to buy American. Honda and Toyota make better American cars and have for years. Car companies like Chrysler have reinvented themselves three times while GM merely looked on. GM’s new internal mantra should be “it’s the product stupid” and get some people that can program, design, engineer, and product quality product – no time to waste.

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