Peeve for 3-Apr-2008

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Those Coors TV commercials. Voiced by a guy who sounds like he lost his teeth a good 15 years ago, the gist is “never changing is good”. It even includes lines like “set in our ways” and “we refuse to change”. Now a certain amount of tradition can be a good thing. But other things should improve as time goes on – like health and cleanliness, efficiency, taste, etc.. And I’m pretty sure the factory in that Golden Colorado which gets such reverent treatment in Coors commercials is slightly different than it was 100 years ago – hypocrites.

Besides, the notion that we should never change is anti-progress. Sure, it might appeal to those that listen to classic rock stations. But if people in Elvis’s time had never changed, we’d never have gotten Aerosmith and Cream.

In the end, the message empowers those who were on the fence about becoming an old coot to follow through and provides existing old coots with a validation of their ways. Man, beer adverts used to be fun to watch.

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