Peeve for 15-Dec-2007

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Freezing rain. That’s all we seem to get these past few winters. It either rains slush or it snows then turns to rain to make slush and then everything freezes. What happened to nice simple snow storms. Take yesterday, for example: a perfect pure snow storm and a nice change from the pattern of the past few years. But today another storm is coming and this one will turn to rain which means the snow already on the ground is going to turn to slush, then ice. Well, at least there was one storm that didn’t suck to shovel.

3 Responses to “Peeve for 15-Dec-2007”

  1. beej9 says:

    Hey, whatever happened to no snow before Xmas??!! My mtn biking season has been cut short! I actually had to dust off the snowshoes yesterday.

  2. Brian says:

    You’re in New England and you’re complaining about crappy weather?????

  3. Ken says:

    New England weather is frequently not crappy! The past few years the crapiness quotient seems to have increased, at least with regard to freezing rain.

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