Peeve for 10-Oct-2007

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Those ridiculous radio adverts for Consolidated Resorts‘s timeshares. The earlier versions of the adverts were annoying and lame including lines like “can you say high roller treatment?” and “right on the strip”. But the more recent versions have Tanya Roberts being fake-interviewed by a local radio personality – one that previously had integrity. It takes up more than a typical radio commercial block and it poses as an interview but the script is pretty much the same lame script as the original. Again, I have to wonder how successful can these radio adverts be? Who are the dupes that are thinking they are going to get a deal? To bribe the local radio personalities into doing these fake interviews, there must be serious money going around. And that’s after Consolidated has paid their 4 C-list celebrities that they have endorsing their company (in addition to Tanya, there’s also Alan Thicke, David Faustino, and George Wallace).

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