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In Bruges is an odd little movie but I did like it. The movie opens in Bruges, Belgium with an introduction to the two criminals we follow through the movie. Initially, we only know that they have recently done something bad and their boss wants them to wait in Bruges for a while. Then, over the first third of the movie, we slowly learn more about the nature of their crimes while getting a fantastic guided tour of the historic sites in Bruges. Before watching the movie, I wondered why it had such an odd title but I now know it does fit the movie – Bruges itself is very much a character in the movie.

The two main characters are a bit of an odd couple themselves. There’s Ken (Brendan Gleeson), the elder and wiser hitman who knows how to put what’s happened behind him and enjoy the present and there’s Ray (Colin Farrell), who is a bit of a hothead and very uncomfortable out of his element. In the middle third of the movie, we learn the full details of their crime and we learn the true nature of the trip to Bruges. Things turns weird (with Ray partying with some locals, movie crew, and hookers) and then violent. But stick with it for the ending – it’s not that there’s some big surprise but there is a bit of an “oh” moment when you see how it all comes together.

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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