Insignia Keychain with MacOS 10.6

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I have an Insignia Keychain Picture Viewer thingy – you know a small USB device that is just a picture display. Insignia is a Best Buy house brand but I discovered the thing is actually made by tenx. Insignia is still hosting a page that has driver downloads, which is nice. But it lacks a download link button for MacOS 10.6. And it turns out there’s a reason for it. The driver is not compiled to run on a 64-bit OS and 10.6 is now native 64-bit. When you run “kextutil” on the kext it installs, TP6801.kext, you get a notification saying “Executable does not contain code for architecture: x86_64” and another saying “64-bit kexts must use* libraries, not* libraries.”. It’s too bad since all someone would have to do is bring up the source in the latest version of Xcode and hit the compile button for a x64 target.

But since the source is not available, the only thing I could do was reboot in 32-bit mode. I can do that on my hacintosh by specifying flags for Chameleon during the boot up:

arch=i386 -f -v

Then when I plugged in the device and ran the “cxImageViewer” software, everything worked perfectly. It’s a little crazy just to get a silly picture keychain thingy working. But at least there’s an option.

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