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I had some freaky problem with writing a blog entry in the last week and the whole blog subsequently went poof. I checked the MySQL database and the content was still there but obviously there was a problem with the data that was causing blog issues. I’d been meaning to update the blog to the latest WordPress version (it was at 2.6) so I decided I’d fix the data issue and upgrade the version at the same time.

Interestingly, the new version of WordPress (3.0.1) didn’t help with the broken data. The blog still showed no posts. I tried an export/import cycle and proved that there were three posts that got lost during the process, apparently indicating that at least the first of the three was bad. I ended up running myisamchk on the database which fixed everything. It even fixed the internal comment page that had been broken for probably more than a year (making it difficult for me to know comments were coming in).

I also took the opportunity to implement a new theme. I never liked the original but the WordPress themes at the time weren’t very good. I still didn’t find one that was just right, but I found one that was close and adapted it to suit my needs. And if you are reading this entry on the blog right now, you are looking at the result of my work. Nice, huh? Let me know what you think.

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    Oh, and thanks to the favicon generator too!

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