Win7 BSOD – Adobe Updater?

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I just got a Blue Screen in Windows 7 while typing in an IM window. I had IE and Google Chrome open too along with Microsoft Outlook. But none of the apps were doing anything interesting – just idling while I was typing in IM (Trillian). When the computer rebooted, I told it to boot normally, and it came up fine. Interestingly, Adobe Updater started right after the reboot. Could it be that the Adobe Updater process tried to run in the background and failed and that’s what caused my BSOD?

Regardless, this is a black mark against Microsoft. No matter how advanced they get their OS, an individual app can go rogue and shutdown the whole damned computer? How very 1990s.

2 Responses to “Win7 BSOD – Adobe Updater?”

  1. Ken says:

    I got another BSOD. This time, no Adobe. But I was again typing in IM. Could it really be Trillian that is the cause? Maybe because of the Skype plugin?

  2. Ken says:

    I’ve now gotten BSODs about 8 times and at least 6 of them were when an updater was trying to run. It wasn’t always Adobe, but this last time was Adobe. So I just shut off automatic updates. Far from solving the problem, but I think not getting the latest esoteric update from Adobe is an easy compromise over reducing the BSODs.

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