Candlepin is Better than Tenpin

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I have long thought that candlepin bowling is better than tenpin and a recent Boston Globe Magazine article contains the proof:

In tenpin, there are between 40 and 50 thousand perfect games bowled each year. Four different times, a perfect tenpin game has been bowled by someone who is legally blind.

By contrast, the average score for an elite candlepin bowler is 130 out of 300 with an all-time high of 245.

Isn’t a game more fun when people don’t routinely achieve perfection and where the game is more about how well you can do rather than merely reducing the number of times you screw up the perfect game?

All this talk about how cool candlepin is makes me actually want to get myself to a bowling alley…

3 Responses to “Candlepin is Better than Tenpin”

  1. beej9 says:

    Growing up in Philly, we only had tenpin. I’ve never played candlepin. The little ball seems goofy. I think I’d try throwing it overhand at the pins…

  2. Ken says:

    According the article, candlepin is primarily seen in New England and Atlantic Canada, so no surprise you didn’t see it in Philly. As to the “little ball seems goofy” – I tell you what, if you grew up thinking a bowling ball could fit in your hand and then discovered a tenpin ball which was the size of a beach ball and was a struggle to lift, nevermind throw, you’d find the tenpin ball to be way more goofy! Think of it like skee-ball or bocce with hand-sized (normal-sized!) balls.

  3. AK says:

    I’m glad no one voted for duckpin.

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