While my first try at putting a doc for my iPhone in my Volvo XC90 was, strictly speaking, successful, it wasn’t as good as I wanted.  I had thought it would be cool to have the dock out of sight when the phone was unplugged so as not to mar the beautiful interior with an unsightly growth.  So I figured out how to get it in the front bin of the console.  However, I realized pretty quickly that the phone just wasn’t visible there which makes it only slightly better than the factory version of connecting it in the main console bin.  I eventually accepted that I would need to get a mount for the dashboard and that it would be permanently visible.  But I still wanted to keep things as clean as possible.  Here’s what I did. 

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Republicans vs. Facts

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The recent Congressional hearing with Sundar Pichai provided some useful insight into how many Republican congressional members’ brains work – or don’t work as the case may be. 

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