Lexus RX 350L Failure

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I had a chance to check out the new Lexus RX 350L at the recent local car show.  This is the new stretched variant of the very popular Lexus RX that will fit 3 rows of seats.  Since my parents have a regular length RX, I’m familiar with the interior and how relatively small it is so I’ve been really curious to see how Lexus would go about stretching it and making it fit three rows.  The reason for Lexus to do this is pretty clear: the 3-row non-truck-SUV or CUV (for crossover utility vehicle) segment is wildly popular with cars like the Audi Q7 and the Volvo XC90 and Acura MDX.  In fact, looking around the car show, Lexus and Subaru appear to be the last two major car brands to produce a vehicle to fit this slot.  (Subaru’s Ascent is arriving imminently.)  The Lexus RX 350 (without the “L”) is too small for three rows.  The next largest Lexus is the GX which is undeniably a truck (shares a platform with the 4Runner and is built body-on-frame) which excludes it from this category.  Therefore, Lexus has a hole and stretching their most popular model to fill the hole makes perfect sense.  How did they do?

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