Steve Jobs’s Impact

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If you are like me and a fan of Apple and Apple products, hearing that Steve Jobs was leaving the CEO position was sad news.  The fact that Tim Cook has been running day-to-day operations for a year doesn’t diminish the impact Jobs has had on the business.  And while the blow is somewhat softened knowing that Jobs will stay on the board, one can’t help but assume the worst: if Steve Jobs can’t function in the capacity that he so enjoys, then his health must be quite poor and he probably won’t be rebounding.  Therefore the specific resignation isn’t nearly as sad as what it likely means for the not-so-distant future.

But even if you aren’t a fan of Apple and Apple products, you should know that Jobs has had a major impact on life as we know it.  So much of what Apple does is emulated by others including Windows OS, all-in-one computers, and even product packaging.  That makes the NY Times article on Jobs’s patent involvement all the more stunning – not just Apple, but Jobs himself was fundamentally involved in many of the innovations from Apple.  Take a look at the article and click the arrows to see all the patent topics.  They range from the iPod to the iMac and the packaging of iPods to the laminated glass treads in many of the Apple Store staircases.

Oh and congratulations to the NY Times for such a nice compilation with a very well executed web page.  Quick and easy to use with lots of information.

OS X 10.7 Lion Ihnatko review

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Great review about OS X 10.7 Lion by Andy Ihnatko:  Apple OS X 10.7 Lion roars with futuristic, and maddening, upgrades – Chicago Sun-Times

Fake Apple Stores

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Everyone knows the Chinese are great at producing fake products.  But I had no idea that they would be able to produce a whole fake store!  In fact, three within walking distance of each other in Kunming.  Just remarkable.  Take a look at this blog post to see the full description and lots of pictures.

Shark segment on Australian morning TV

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It’s longer than you might think but it’s worth watching to the end to see how crazy live TV can get.

Tech Company Org Charts

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Brilliant! Be sure to click through on the image to get the author’s original post and visit his main page to see the rest of his work.

NPH at the Tonys

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Good stuff from Neil Patrick Harris on the Tonys. The first is the opening of the show and the second is a fun bit with Hugh Jackman.

93 Fast 14

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No, it’s not the name of a movie franchise – that’s Fast Five and I am looking forward to seeing that, but that’s another post. 93 Fast 14 is the name of the project to replace 14 bridges on I-93 this summer. Actually, there are 7 bridge pairs, each with a northbound and southbound side which make up the 14 bridges to be replaced. And each of the 14 bridges will be replaced in a single weekend. Done the traditional way, it would take 4 years to complete. Instead, it will take 14 weekends. I like the “Fast” way better!

Of course there’s a lot of planning and prep work that goes into this quick build which isn’t counted in the 14 weekends. For example, the prefab structure is built off-site and trucked in. But the key metric is the amount of time that traffic will be impacted and the degree to which it will be. Done the traditional way traffic would be impacted the bulk of 4 years. Four years! But done this Fast way, it will be only impacted after rush hour on Friday and before rush hour on Monday for each of those 14 weekends. Damned impressive. And according to this video, the resulting bridge will be good for 75 years. (If anyone can still read this blog in 75 years, let me know how the bridges held up!)

I’m all for the plan and I sure hope it works out. It will be a great thing for the future of bridge replacement in all of Massachusetts. In fact, if it does go well, everyone will think it is stupid to do bridge replacement any other way. If it doesn’t go well…. Let’s just hope it goes well.

Captain America trailer

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I’m really burned out on superhero movies and origin stories and videogames masquerading as movies but I have to say the new Captain America trailer (below) is really cool.

It’s also really cool that before Capt. America gets the magical Stanley Tucci zap, special effects were used to make the actor, Chris Evans, appear scrawny. How big an ego trip must it be for Evans to know that his natural self is the “after” effects of making a scrawny guy into a superhero!?

250 Underrated Character Actors

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Any list of underrated actors that includes Danny Trejo, David Paymer, David Morse, James Gammon, Tim Curry, Lee Ermey, and Stephen Tobolowsky is a good list for me. Of course, with 250 actors, all character actors are probably on the list somewhere. See the full list of The 250 Most Underrated Actors (Great Character Actors).

Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence by CGSO

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One of Dream Theater’s better recent records is Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence.  It’s a 2-CD set where the second CD is one long “song”.  The original version is somewhat orchestral but it is still prog rock music with lots of guitars and synths.  I just learned that a 19-year-old Turkish kid created an orchestral score and had his friends in the Ça?da? Gençlik Senfoni Orkestras? perform it on stage.  He recorded the whole thing and it is all on YouTube.  Here are the parts I liked best (which correspond to the parts of the original that I like best).

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