Phone Survey to win a Cruise in Bahamas?

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I got a call today with a caller ID of 213.550.3111 saying that I had been selected to take a political survey and if I did the survey, I’d win a free cruise to the Bahamas. Was this one of those pretend surveys that had an ulterior motive? Was it a real survey? And why was I, a Massachusetts resident, of any interest to any survey company? I was too curious to just hang up. So I pushed “1” to take the survey. First question was about the economy and seemed like a neutrally worded question, so so far so good. Second question was about political parties and it was also neutral. Sill good. Third question was about approval of current president which was still neutrally worded. And then the automated voice thanks me and says “please hold to be connected to a travel reservation specialist for your free cruise to the Bahams”. Three easy questions and I win a free cruise? In a blink, I decided it would have to be a scam and that it must be a clever way to harvest people’s personal information and/or credit card info so I hung up. But I’m curious if anybody else has gotten the same call and how they may have gone or maybe if anyone knows of where the scam is.

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  1. eogan says:

    I have gotten two similar calls, purportedly from Washington state, on my cell phone over the past week. I did not answer them, as I did not recognize the numbers and was not expecting any calls from Seattle or Spokane, and neither call resulted in a voicemail. Further investigation (, showed them to be the same sort of survey/cruise calls.

  2. Kath says:

    I just received the same exact call on my cell phone and waited until it disconnected on its own. The number was 213-257-5233 saying the same thing, that if I stayed on the line to take a brief survey, I won two tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas.

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